Telemarketing Tips – Love Objections

Most business owners know the benefits of picking up the phone and telemarketing to generate new sales leads, but many struggle to overcome objections. Here’s a short list of common  objections and how best to effectively overcome them:

1. “Your fees are too high”

We can all agree that ‘good value’ is far superior to ‘cheap’. Have you ever lost a deal knowing the prospect would have been better off choosing you, if only they understood why?

Don’t be afraid to discuss fees in detail. Take time to break down exactly why your service is superior to cheaper alternatives. Use this objection as an opportunity to express the advantages of your knowledge, experience and any added value services your prospects will benefit from.

“Embrace objections, they’re your opportunity to win business”

2. “I’m happy with my current provider”

When business owners have used the same provider for many years, they can become complacent and only judge their providers performance based on the work they complete, not on any additional value they could be adding to the business. An example of this would be a prospect having used the same accountant for years but blissfully unaware of a local competitor with greater knowledge  in reducing tax liability.

When faced with this objection, try asking questions that not only demonstrate your knowledge but sow the seeds of doubt over how good the prospects current provider really is.

3. “I’ve been thinking about changing, but I’m just too busy to look at it right now, call me next year”

Here one that reminds me of a school boy error I made five years ago. I knew our IT system would need upgrading in the not-too-distant future,  but because nothing had gone wrong it was placed on the back burner. Had I addressed this issue in advance, I would have not only  avoided unnecessary downtime, but would have reduced our overall IT spend.

Make sure your prospect understands how easy your products/services are to implement and explain why they will save time and money discussing it now rather than next year.

4. “I’ve changed before, it was a mistake”

This is your chance to show-off. Explain who you have worked for and how they have benefited. Ask your prospect what went wrong, and explain why history would not repeat itself. Offer to put your client in touch with other businesses who have benefited using you, and be forthcoming with case studies.

These are just a small selection of the many objections you will face when telemarketing. Almost all can be handled by probing for more information and truly understanding your prospect and their business.

Happy hunting!

What they say about us

“Indigo Appointments has been fantastic for our Company. Within weeks of the campaign starting I found my sales team’s calendars being booked with appointments. During the first 8 weeks we signed up multiple managed support agreements, each worth in excess of £5,000 per annum. After the first 6 months we had signed approximately £60,000 worth of new business. We naturally extended our contract with Indigo Appointments and now treat their team as our extended workforce.”

Anthony Hudson – Managing Director –

Aztek Business

“We needed a telemarketing agency who could identify solid opportunities and get us in front of interested decision makers. We had tried telemarketing in-house although simply did not have the resources. Since engaging Indigo new business has soared. I cannot thank them enough!”
David Morley – Managing Director –

Opportunities Workshop

“We used Indigo and thier team was fantastic. They have an exceptional telephone manner and their experience and knowledge in generating appointments is second to none. They take the time to understand our business to ensure they can achieve the best results.”
Andy Wright – Managing Director –

Euphoric Agency

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