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Diligent Telemarketing for Digital Agencies – Setting up Necessary Infrastructure

Whereas, a digital agency may consider telemarketing to be a diligent method for lead generation and obtaining new customers, the very dynamics of their business may make it hard to get started. The excellence of digital operations is that it requires almost no physical space and tools to work. However, with regards to telemarketing, you need office space and the right equipment.

Catering Unique Requirements

The agency will need to recruit and train staff, and this costs a sizeable amount of time and money. Some may even come up with the idea of utilising existing staff for one-off campaigns. However, these staff, despite having all the expertise in digital technology, might not have the required range of abilities to make the campaign a resounding success. B2B telemarketing for digital agencies can include a level of complexity, which may rise even more with digital agencies offering a wide array of bespoke services. Each potential client will have unique needs, irrespective of whether it is a new website design or built, marketing to their clients or niche keywords for PPC campaigns or SEO.

Refraining from Generalised Approach

From a telemarketing point of view, callers have to be knowledgeable in the depth and scope of these services to provide relevant information. If the callers are not clear about what they are promoting, it can lead to false promises and information. This then can have an adverse impact on lead generation for digital agencies. B2B telemarketing is dicey under the most favourable circumstances, however as examined above, potential customers of digital agencies, each have their own peculiar needs and prerequisites for which there is no all-seasons solution or service.

Utilising Hybrid Approach

Thus, the use of scripts during calls can have a generic outlook for services being offered. There are a plethora of emails for businesses from spambots, informing them on how they can enhance their website or make successful SEO strategies. First impressions are all the more important in B2B telemarketing for digital agencies. A personalised approach will prevent your services from appearing generic and showcase on how further value can be added to their business. One method is to use hybrid approach, where callers can customise and adjust each call and resort to script only for specific areas.

What they say about us

“Indigo Appointments has been fantastic for our Company. Within weeks of the campaign starting I found my sales team’s calendars being booked with appointments. During the first 8 weeks we signed up multiple managed support agreements, each worth in excess of £5,000 per annum. After the first 6 months we had signed approximately £60,000 worth of new business. We naturally extended our contract with Indigo Appointments and now treat their team as our extended workforce.”

Anthony Hudson – Managing Director – www.aztek.co.uk

Aztek Business

“We needed a telemarketing agency who could identify solid opportunities and get us in front of interested decision makers. We had tried telemarketing in-house although simply did not have the resources. Since engaging Indigo new business has soared. I cannot thank them enough!”
David Morley – Managing Director – www.opportunitiesworkshop.com

Opportunities Workshop

“We used Indigo and thier team was fantastic. They have an exceptional telephone manner and their experience and knowledge in generating appointments is second to none. They take the time to understand our business to ensure they can achieve the best results.”
Andy Wright – Managing Director – http://euphoric.agency

Euphoric Agency

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