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Telemarketing for accountants

Telemarketing for Accountants

B2B Telemarketing for accountants to generating interest within its client-base, is as important as for any other business. However, since these firms cater to a very specific clientele, which mostly consists of other businesses, marketing is a huge challenge for accountants and accounting companies.

It is unfortunate that firms either do not have marketing staff or has one, yet does not have adequate expertise in targeted B2B marketing. There are marketing companies that promise better lead generation for accountants by offering B2B telemarketing services that specifically caters to the need of this sector.

The Growing Trends of Telemarketing in Accounting Industry

As the industry is growing, the rivalry between accounting firms is getting fiercer and intense. Accounting firms are seen to be actively seeking the assistance of companies that are able to offer B2B telemarketing for accountants, and rightly so.

Cold calling has already been a primary means of contacting while reaching out for business accounting leads for many years. Proficient B2B telemarketing can not only improve lead generation for accountants, it can even uplift the chances of executing sales.

Professional telemarketing experts can open many new opportunities for accountants and accounting firms. There are many reasons as to why professionals offering these services to a specific sectors are able to promise and deliver better results.

  • Targeted TeleMarketing Techniques – Data experts help B2B telemarketers in giving accurate and credible information relating to a target market, allowing better contact with leaders in relevant industries.
  • Generating Interest In The Accounting Industry – Professional telemarketers have relevant experience of lead generation for accountants and accounting firms. B2B cold callers are knowledgeable and well trained in generating interest among prospective clients.

B2B Telemarketing is affordable, yet a highly effective solution for accountants, mainly because of its ability to keep the communication more personalized. It is what wins more leads and customers by establishing trust and credibility.

Modern day B2B telemarketing firms use technology to ensure highly targeted campaigns, which can bring in more leads in the least amount of time.

What they say about us

“Indigo Appointments has been fantastic for our Company. Within weeks of the campaign starting I found my sales team’s calendars being booked with appointments. During the first 8 weeks we signed up multiple managed support agreements, each worth in excess of £5,000 per annum. After the first 6 months we had signed approximately £60,000 worth of new business. We naturally extended our contract with Indigo Appointments and now treat their team as our extended workforce.”

Anthony Hudson – Managing Director –

Aztek Business

“We needed a telemarketing agency who could identify solid opportunities and get us in front of interested decision makers. We had tried telemarketing in-house although simply did not have the resources. Since engaging Indigo new business has soared. I cannot thank them enough!”
David Morley – Managing Director –

Opportunities Workshop

“We used Indigo and thier team was fantastic. They have an exceptional telephone manner and their experience and knowledge in generating appointments is second to none. They take the time to understand our business to ensure they can achieve the best results.”
Andy Wright – Managing Director –

Euphoric Agency

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