5 Top Tips – Make the most of your sales leads

Most people with a telephone and a voice can set up a sales appointment over the phone. However, few sales people master the art of maximising the chances of conversion from the outset.

Here are five simple tips which will help you make the most of your sales leads:

1. Ensure autonomy

It’s not uncommon to sit in a sales meeting only to learn that the person you’re meeting does not have autonomy to make a decision. Often this happens when the telemarketer or BDM is so focused on their pitch or simply afraid to ask the question once the conversation is ten minutes in. Ensure you establish who your are speaking with and whether they control the purse strings.

2. Don’t rush your calls

One common mistake telemarketers and BDMs make is  rushing their telephone calls. Avoid starting your conversation by bombarding your prospects with information about your services.

The ‘turn up and throw up’ approach, will not win you business.

After your initial ‘elevator’ introduction, engage your prospects in open discussions about their business. Take time to think about open-ended questions which will allow you to uncover your prospect’s true needs and access if you can truly offer value to them within any financial constraints they may have.

3. Discuss and agree the meeting agenda – don’t wing it!

Once your prospect has verbally agreed to a face-to-face meeting, take the time to outline how you propose to structure the meeting. Ask your prospect which of your services they feel are most relevant, and if they are happy with the proposed agenda.

4. Put aside 15 minutes to write a confirmation email

It is easy to send generic meeting confirmation emails, particularly following your more positive telephone calls. Always take the time to write a tailored email thanking the prospect in advance for their time, including a solid introduction, date/time & location of the meeting, a brief agenda and clarity on who will be attending.

5. Make the most of the void

You may have 1-3 weeks to wait before your meeting takes place. Make the most of this time by including your prospect in newsletters, social media and blog posts.

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“Indigo Appointments has been fantastic for our Company. Within weeks of the campaign starting I found my sales team’s calendars being booked with appointments. During the first 8 weeks we signed up multiple managed support agreements, each worth in excess of £5,000 per annum. After the first 6 months we had signed approximately £60,000 worth of new business. We naturally extended our contract with Indigo Appointments and now treat their team as our extended workforce.”

Anthony Hudson – Managing Director – www.aztek.co.uk

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“We needed a telemarketing agency who could identify solid opportunities and get us in front of interested decision makers. We had tried telemarketing in-house although simply did not have the resources. Since engaging Indigo new business has soared. I cannot thank them enough!”
David Morley – Managing Director – www.opportunitiesworkshop.com

Opportunities Workshop

“We used Indigo and thier team was fantastic. They have an exceptional telephone manner and their experience and knowledge in generating appointments is second to none. They take the time to understand our business to ensure they can achieve the best results.”
Andy Wright – Managing Director – http://euphoric.agency

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